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This is to inform you of our continuing efforts to improve the health & safety measures to ensure all staff of our tenants feel safe, comfortable, and secure in our internal environment. We have recently completed the installation of UV lights in our HVAC systems at both malls.

For the those requiring a basic understanding of this measure: the lights are installed above the evaporator (A-coil) in the plenum duct on top of the air-handler. It runs continuously and is the most common type used in HVAC systems. Shining directly on the coil, this method keeps microbial growth from happening on the coil surfaces and inside the drain pan.

Benefits of UV Lights
Improved Airflow
UV light prevents the build-up of contaminants on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and in ductwork that all contributes to unrestricted airflow, which in turn not only makes your space more comfortable but helps reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the system.

Health Benefits
UV lights kill mold, mildew, bacteria, and other bio-contaminants before they have a chance to circulate in your environment. That means occupants will not be breathing in potentially harmful contaminants that can negatively affect their health. The lights can be extremely effective. A study at Duke University Medical Center found that UV lights used in the HVAC system helped reduce bacteria in hospital rooms by more than 97% – good news for anyone who has allergies or other respiratory concerns.

We will also continue to aggressively contain the effects of the ash fall as well in our deliberate attempts to provide a high standard of service to our tenants. We look forward to everyone’s cooperation in mutually promoting a clean internal environment that requires constant diligence in the prevention and cleaning efforts. In addition, we have been hampered by the ash fall in our extensive replacement of membrane on the roof to contain recurring leaks in a few places caused by heavy equipment that has now been removed for access to the breeched areas.

We covet your patience and apologize for any convenience in these very relentless events that have impacted us all from home to highways and byways, and to the workplace.

Yours faithfully,
N.S.R Limited

Everick M. Eastmond, BBM, MBA
Operations Director