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Heart of Hearts Promotion

Charity Representatives

Everick Eastmond (NSR Ltd Operations Director), Kammie Holder (Future Centre Trust – 3rd prize charity), Alicia Seale (3rd prize winner), Errol Griffith (Power of Choice – 1st prize charity), Joshua Doughty (1st prize winner representative), Crystal Jackman (Scotiabank Marketing Officer), Jenna-Vere Thompson (2nd prize winner), Alyson Forte (Thelma Vaughan Memorial – 2nd prize charity), Chereida Phillips (Massy Stores Marketing Officer), Tamara Brathwaite (Sky Mall Mall Manager).
Kamal Lewis-Gopie ($500 Mall Cash), Alicia Seale (3rd prize winner), Joshua Doughty (1st prize winner), Jenna-Vere Thompson (2nd prize winner), Carson Brathwaite ($500 Mall Cash), Davonte Abraham ($500 Mall Cash), Stacie Goring ($500 Mall Cash), Jennifer Millar ($500 Mall Cash), Heth Reid ($500 Mall Cash), Cathy Weekes-Holligan ($500 Mall Cash), Garry Trotman ($500 Mall Cash), Stacey Briggs-Saunders ($500 Massy Stores)
From left: 3rd prize winner $3,000 Sky Mall Shopping – Alicia Seale, 1st prize $10,000 Cash compliments Scotiabank Joshua Doughty (for mother Harriette Doughty), 2nd prize winner $5,000 prize winner compliments Massy Stores Jenna-Vere Thompson.